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During the past seventy-five years, the company is proud to have evolved to its current position and is able to boast the following achievements:


  • A solid reputation for quality, reliability, trustworthiness, and most importantly, eagerness to accommodate clients, ensures that we always have a reasonably full order book, most work of which is procured on a negotiated basis with clients.


  • Our staff full time complement, including regular domestic sub-contractors, permits greater and faster access to a readily available and systems orientated labour force.


  • Our knowledge and understanding of the domestic and selected sub-contractor labour market in the Western Cape allows for access to an enlarged labour pool with above average trade skills and experience.


  • A long-standing and important relationship has been formed between our company and its suppliers. A good system of communication ensures that materials are delivered to the required sites in the time required wherever possible.


  • Our associate business ensures that further support and quality are provided for the core business. The associate company, Country Joiners, is a specialist joinery & cabinet-making company, boasting quality workmanship.


  • BL Williams is a member of the Boland MBA and the Cape Peninsula MBA. It is registered with all of the obligatory bodies e.g. Building Industrial Bargaining Council, CIDB, FEM, SARS etc. We also have contractors all risk insurance, as well as public liability cover with Mutual & Federal.


  • We have attained a level 2 BEE grading as well as a level 8GB PE CIDB grading, which allows us to tender for work for Government for up to R 200 million per project.

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